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Dr. Tom McGuire

Dr. Tom McGuire

Dr. Tom McGuire, a mercury free, holistic dentist for over 40 years writes about Dr. Hart

"I have spoken with Dr. Hart and consider her to be an exceptionally well-trained, experienced and caring holistic dentist. I am impressed with the depth of her knowledge and understanding about the critically important relationship of oral to overall health, and appreciate her ongoing effort to educate her patients. Dr. Hart belongs to a number of highly regarded dental organizations, including the International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists (IAMSD) and these organizations encourage taking a holistic, whole-body approach to dental treatment and promote patient education. I encourage you to visit her to learn more about her approach to healthy dentistry."
Dr. Alexandros Georgolios

Alexandros Georgolios, M.D., Ph.D., ENT

"I have known Dr. Hart for more than 10 years. I have always been impressed by her commitment to holistic dental work and service for the benefit of her patients. Her work ethics is impeccable and her devotion to constantly learning, expanding and bettering her skills and knowledge in her field is truly impressive. I know Dr. Hart has an excellent rapport with patients of all ages. Her patients’ health and wellbeing are paramount to her. She is a beacon of professionalism, competence and inspiration to anyone that knows her and has had a chance to interact with her. American Dental Association is lucky to have her as its member!"
Dr. Cheryl Billingsley

Dr. Cheryl Billingsley

"Dr Hart's heart is huge! She cares for every patient like you are her family. The office is state of the art. This is the office to obtain your dental care in the wake of the new viruses in the world. Special filtration, special masks, oxygen on patient's noses protecting each patient from aerosols. This office gets it! You are in awesome hands in this office!"

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"My visit to your office was a pleasant one as far as dental appointments go. It was nice to see Christine and Dr. Olivia Hart again. The advice that Christine had given me at the last visit was very helpful in ensuring me a much improved dental health exam. She's a very good coach! I enjoyed talking to both of them about our shared experiences working for the YMCA. I also enjoyed talking to Anastasia and her co-worker at the reception desk. Everyone is very friendly and patient."

Gail M.

"Having experienced some pretty traumatic dental treatment in other practices, it was recommended that I see Dr. Hart - not only for a more biological approach for my allergies to certain dental materials, but also for her compassionate approach. From my first visit I was treated with kindness and professionalism by Dr. Hart, Christine, Jerry, Amanda and Jessica. I felt at ease and knew I was receiving good care. Dr. Hart is continually learning and keeping abreast of new technology and methods in dentistry, and I feel blessed to be a recipient."

Terry L.

"I have found Dr. Hart and her staff to always be welcoming, helpful and professional. Dr. Hart is a compassionate, knowledgeable and skilled dentist. She has performed two crown placements for me with outstanding results. Virginia Biological Dentistry offers a broad range of services and I would certainly recommend Dr. Hart and her practice."

Joy Y.

"Virginia Biological Dentistry is not your typical Dentist's office. The space is welcoming and serene. I would describe the office as more spa-like. The staff is friendly and down-to-earth. They are all very knowledgeable in their fields and will go above and beyond to assist and educate you if you have inquiries or are curious about anything. Dr. Hart is pleasant and has a very uplifting presence. Her smile alone speaks volumes for the service she provides."

Mark B.

"Virginia Biological Dentistry under the new guidance of Dr. Olivia Hart has given me the best dental care I have ever had. The front office staff of Christina and Sandy are very organized and professional and willing to accommodate any schedule. Michelle the hygienist is always a joy to listen to and her cleanings are outstanding. I am also always impressed with assistants Alice and Julia who were always at my side. I found the beautiful Dr. Hart to be the consummate professional, with a vast array of biological knowledge and skill coupled with the cutting edge in new equipment. My last visit consisted of a crown replacement that instead of a 3 day ordeal, took only 3 hours using the latest mapping techniques and in-house construction. I would highly recommend anyone become a patient of Dr. Hart and look forward to my next visit."

Bob S.

"Staff is always friendly and professional, for years. Never have to wait. Care of patient is paramount from beginning to end. Thank you for your excellence."

Jody J.

"I will only go to biologic dentists and my first experience with Dr. Hart was an excellent one. She is thorough, pays attention to details and answers questions with sound, fact-based information. I had a filling and crown preparation done and will be going back for the final crown placement. Dr. Hart is the kind of dentist you travel out of your way to go see."

Bobbie G.

"What a wonderful office! They do not make you wait and see you immediately."

Morgan H.

"Dr. Hart’s office is expertly trained in all areas of dentistry and made me feel comfortable from the very first appointment! What an awesome office….I would highly recommend this office to anyone! "

Sandy B.

"This is the best dental office I have ever been treated in. The entire office staff is so friendly and helpful…The office is beautiful with stone set walls and soothing colors. I would highly recommend this office"

Faye W.

"I have had some poor dental experiences in the past. This office exceeds all great expectations. The biological dentistry is expertly performed. In addition, they are kind, competent and gentle!"

Patricia G.

"Dr. Hart practices mercury-safe dentistry in an outstanding manner. I feel safe at this office knowing they are protecting me"

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