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Bacterial Testing

Bacterial testing only at Virginia Biological Dentistry 

What happens in the mouth, doesn’t stay there. Harmful bacteria in your mouth—are on the move and might have negative impacts on your overall well-being, including proper functioning of your cardiovascular, gastrointestinal or even nervous systems, as well as raise risk for other serious health problems, like heart disease or dementia, among others.

Do you have bad breath or some other evident or potential symptoms of oral infection or periodontal disease? We offer to do a Bacterial Testing that would help address your oral problems. The detailed report from bacterial testing will help determine the extent and type of bad bacteria present in the mouth that, in turn, will inform needed treatments.

Although there are several hundred species of bacteria present in the oral cavity, most of these are harmless and maintain a symbiotic relationship with our immune system. However, there are many species that are highly pathogenic. These pathogenic species can cause harm to the tissues, thereby creating a serious inflammatory response that reverberates through many of the organs in the body.

Why you need to do bacterial testing?

  • Find hidden oral pathogens that threaten your oral and systemic health. Common pathogens directly cause gum disease and might increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and birth complications, among others.
  • Learn if you are particularly susceptible to increased inflammation, a critical factor in the severity of periodontitis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, among others.
  • Help Dr. Hart determine the most effective treatment if you already have periodontal disease, and then measure treatment results with a follow-up test.

Reach out to our office to schedule a bacterial test during your next hygiene appointment.

Dr. Olivia Hart

Dr. Olivia Hart
DDS, NMD, IABDM & ICOI Fellow & AAIP Fellow

Dr. Olivia Hart, a founder of Virginia Biological Dentistry and a highly accomplished biological dentist, is honored to serve her community in Glen Allen, Richmond VA. She has always sought to enrich her knowledge in the field of holistic/biological dental health and to offer her patients the best comprehensive dental care possible. Her Virginia Biological Dentistry provides services ranging from biocompatible ceramic restorations, ceramic implants, and extractions with a biological protocol to treatments of sleep apnea, TMJ and other specialized bio-dental services.