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Protocol for Safe Mercury Removal

As a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) since 2015, Dr. Olivia Hart has followed closely the IAOMT’s SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) protocol and beyond as she perfected and refined safe removal of leaky and damaged amalgam restorations over many years.

 Dr. Olivia Hart is highly experienced SMART certified dentist in a safe mercury amalgam removal technique
Safe Mercury Removal - Dr. Olivia Hart

Hi, welcome to our Safe Mercury removal page. My name is Dr. Olivia Hart and I’m the owner of Virginia Biological Dentistry. I’m smart, certified, and I’ve been doing safe mercury removal for years. I’m also a member of different biological organizations which are concerned with the safe mercury removal. The safety and the health of our patients is priority in our practice. Please check our multiple successful stories and testimonials and give us a call.

Dr. Hart and her staff implement the following safety measures to protect her patients while removing leaky amalgam restorations:

  • Optional Detox protocol, including as recommended by patient’s physician
  • Swooshing with a slurry of a special absorbent
  • Full body impermeable barrier
  • Full head/face/neck barrier
  • An external source of air (oxygen) to the patient via nasal mask
  • A dental dam made with non-latex nitrile material
  • At source high-volume oral aerosol vacuum
  • High-volume air filtration system in the operatory where the procedure is performed
  • Use new long shank carbide cutting bars and attempt to section amalgams into chunks and remove in large sections
  • Use copious amounts of water spray via an air-water syringe directed on tip of cutting bar
  • Use saliva ejector
  • Use of high speed evacuation device
  • Use “surround” type high volume suction tip
  • After safely removing leaky mercury amalgam restorations appropriate biocompatible BPA-free, non-metal restorative materials are placed as new restorations
Protocol for Safe Mercury Removal - Virginia Biological Dentistry, VA

In order to protect her, her assistants, and outside environment, Dr. Hart adopts the following safety measures while removing leaky amalgam restorations:

  • Protective gowns and covers
  • Non-latex nitrile gloves
  • Respiratory grade, non-rebreather mask rated to capture mercury
  • Regular maintenance and the safe removal of suction traps
  • An amalgam separator was installed
  • High-volume air filtration system
  • Following all federal and state regulations for handling, cleaning and/or disposing of mercury-contaminated items

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