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Dr. Hart Continued Education

In the last two years alone, Dr. Hart has actively engaged in continued education in the form of mini-residencies (two-three day long trainings, some taking place over multiple weekends), specialized courses, trainings and conferences. These events included, among others:

  • Perio Amigos: Bone Grafting, Soft Tissue & Hard Tissue Three-Day Course, Chantilly, Virginia
  • Bone Augmentation and Ceramic Implantology hands-on, week-long course, San Jose, Costa Rica
  • As its active member, Dr. Hart participated at the annual International Academy of Ceramic Implantology (IAOCI) congress in Atlanta
  • Airway Health Solutions mini – Residency, Las Vegas
  • Annual Congress of the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology (New Orleans)
  • Inflammation and “Deflamed” Course, Fordham Page Nutrition Study Club, Herndon, Virginia
  • A day long Platelet Rich Fibrin course with Dr. Richard Miron (Florida)
  • A day long Versah OD Academy on Sinus Lift, Sinus Augmentation and Bone Graft (Chicago)
  • A 2-day CeraRoot [Ceramic Implant System] Certification course, Dental Implantology Centre of Excellence (Toronto, Canada)
  • A 7-day intensive Live Implant Surgery Externship (Guadalajara, Mexico) where Dr. Hart earned a fellowship of International Congress of Oral Implantologists and a fellowship of American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics.
  • 3 day long intensive training as part of Dr. Judson Wall’s 2nd Annual Biological Dental Education Series: Cavitation, Root Canal Removal, Zirconia Implants (Bountiful, UT).
  • Annual conference of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (Indianapolis)
  • IAOCI World Congress on Metal-Free Implant Dentistry (Tampa)
  • continued education course on functional frenuloplasty with myofunctional therapy (tongue-tie & lip-tie) led by Dr. Soroush Zaghi at Breathe Institute (New Jersey)
  • mini-residency in NYC at the Gelb Center with Dr. Michael Gelb an internationally renowned specialist in TMJ, sleep disorders and sleep Apnea (New York)
  • mini-residency with Dr. James Bronson on the Alf appliance (Virginia)
  • biological dental education series with Dr. Judson Wall as part of the biological dentistry series (Utah)
  • continued education course with Dr. Harvey Shiffman on laser in dentistry, sleep Apnea and cosmetic treatment (Florida)
  • continued education course with Dr. Soroush Zaghi at the Breathe Institute (New Jersey)
  • AAPMD annual conference on optimal healthcare with integrative medicine and dentistry that focused on airway health (Las Vegas)

The continued education is a reflection of Dr. Hart’s insatiable drive to provide her patients with the best care possible, supported by the most advanced and state-of-the-art procedures, technologies and knowledge in the field. As a result of these specialized trainings, Dr. Hart introduced several new treatments as part of her practice, including:

  • sleep Apnea appliances for adults
  • appliances to prevent airway problems in children
  • lip/tongue tie release, Facelift Appliance Procedure
  • new TMJ appliances
  • laser treatment for sleep Apnea
  • Myobrace Appliance

Please go to our Bio-Dental Services to check a wide range of procedures offered in our practice and schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Hart. We look forward to hearing from you!