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General Dentistry

General Dentistry Services in Glen Allen, Va

At Virginia Biological Dentistry, we are excited to allow patients the opportunity to improve their dental health. Our practice, located in Glen Allen, VA, is here to assist. Our dentist, Dr. Olivia Hart, offers a wide range of general dentistry services that can be used to improve oral health and avoid the development of oral disease. This family dentist can help patients of all ages with some of the following services:

  • Same Day Crowns and Onlays – our practice offers same-day crowns and onlays. These are created with a specialized process that focuses on taking great care of preserving as much tooth structure as possible.
  • Dental Implants – dental implants are perfect for replacing missing teeth, and our practice is pleased to offer biological methods of placement, including Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), safe bond grading, and vitamin D3 tests for more effective healing assessments. Dr. Olivia Hart also provides ceramic implants for beautiful repair!
  • Tooth Extractions – our philosophy of biological methodologies for an improved patient experience extends to tooth extractions performed in our practice. We perform extractions when necessary and follow up with post-operative healing treatments including ozone treatment.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – when periodontal disease has developed in the smile, early diagnosis and intervention is highly recommended to maintain oral health. We provide comprehensive solutions that allow patients to bring their smile back to health and address this damaging infection as soon as possible before further damage occurs.
  • Fillings – when areas of tooth decay have developed, it is vital that patients have fillings done to fill the hole and keep the area of decay from getting more significant and more problematic for individuals. Our team focuses on biologicalally placing fillings with biocompatible and BPA-free fillings.

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Dr. Olivia Hart and her team of professionals at Virginia Biological Dentistry are committed to assisting Glen Allen, VA area patients with improving their smile, notably its health and appearance. If you are interested in working with a new dentist in a practice that cares about your oral health, we welcome you to our facility. We are conveniently located at 4932-C Dominion Blvd, Glen Allen and can be reached by calling (804) 381-6238 or email us at info@virginiabiologicaldentistry.com .

Dr. Olivia Hart

Dr. Olivia Hart
DDS, NMD, IABDM & ICOI Fellow & AAIP Fellow

Dr. Olivia Hart, a founder of Virginia Biological Dentistry and a highly accomplished biological dentist, is honored to serve her community in Glen Allen, Richmond VA. She has always sought to enrich her knowledge in the field of holistic/biological dental health and to offer her patients the best comprehensive dental care possible. Her Virginia Biological Dentistry provides services ranging from biocompatible ceramic restorations, ceramic implants, and extractions with a biological protocol to treatments of sleep apnea, TMJ and other specialized bio-dental services.