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Common dental concerns treated biologicalally in Glen Allen, VA

With all the cosmetic dentistry options available nowadays, it may feel like when you look around, all you see are perfect smiles. But dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, tooth pain, and missing teeth are very common and should not be a source of embarrassment. Dr. Olivia Hart, a biological dentist in Glen Allen, VA, has the experience, skills, and technology to effectively diagnose and treat common dental concerns in a way that is not only healthy for your mouth but also your whole body.

Oral health basics: Symptoms, types, causes & more

Tooth problems don’t just arise from not brushing and flossing enough, though a good oral hygiene routine at home is an important part of keeping your mouth healthy. Other factors such as your genetic makeup, medications you are taking, and even hormones can play a significant role in the development of oral health problems. Below are other common dental concerns and ways Virginia Biological Dentistry and Dr. Hart approach them from a biological perspective to offer best treatment service to patients.

  • Tooth decay: When a tooth has a cavity, you may not experience any symptoms until it has progressed to a stage that treating it is more difficult. Dr. Hart checks your mouth for tooth decay symptoms, and treatments for all stages of decay are available at Virginia Biological Dentistry. From tooth-colored fillings made of non-toxic materials to single visit crowns, we can help restore your teeth to health quickly and safely.
  • Problems with dental fillings: Metal amalgam fillings can lead to a variety of issues, and old fillings may break down over time or fall out. Dr. Hart uses strict protocols for safe mercury removal and can replace your dental filling with safe, non-toxic materials that look and feel natural.
  • Gum disease: Pink, swollen, or bleeding gums are all signs of gum disease, which can wreak havoc on your overall health. Dr. Hart takes a healthy, biological approach to manage gum disease.
  • Broken or chipped teeth: Repairing a chipped or broken tooth is often easier than you’d think! Dr. Hart provides several tooth restoration options to fix your tooth’s appearance, such as dental bonding, dental veneers, or the one visit crown.
  • Missing teeth: Thanks to today’s modern dentistry technologies, you have more options than ever for replacing missing teeth. Dentures, bridges, and dental implants made from biocompatible materials are all offered at RichmVirginia Biological Dentistry.
  • Swelling and bleeding in the mouth: If you are experiencing swelling or bleeding in your mouth, it could be due to a number of issues, such as gum disease, hormone changes, or even oral cancer. Dr. Hart will evaluate your mouth to determine the cause and provide recommendations on the next steps for treating the issue, such as gum disease care
  • Concerns about x-ray radiation & digital impressions: Biologicalally minded patients are rightly so concerned about radiation exposure when taking x-rays and digital impressions. Virginia Biological Dentistry boasts advanced technologies, including the newest Planmeca ProMax® 3D Plus that takes 3D dental images with the ultra-low radiation exposure. 
  • Taking time out of your busy schedule for dental care: Being mindful of patients’ busy schedules, Dr. Hart makes every effort to address your dental concern with both proficiency and effective time management. This is why, for example, Virginia Biological Dentistry offers one-visit and same-day crown restorations.

Biological dentistry for your dental concerns

At Virginia Biological Dentistry, you can trust that we will provide care that not only resolves your pain and symptoms but also takes your whole health into account so you don’t leave the dental chair with a new set of health issues. Call our Glen Allen, VA practice today at (804) 381-6238 or email us at info@virginiabiologicaldentistry.com !