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“Help! I have metal in my teeth or mouth” – metal removal and replacement options in Glen Allen, VA

For many years, dentists used toxic metals in dental restoration materials, such as implants, fillings, and dentures. However, in more recent times, patients and biological dentists alike have become more conscious of the use of these toxic materials and their effects on the body. “The metal in my teeth or mouth hurt” is a common complaint. Other patients notice that they have signs and symptoms of mercury toxicity in their body, such as fatigue, memory problems, headaches, immune system issues, and other negative symptoms. Mercury poisoning has even been linked to cardiovascular problems, dementia, kidney problems, respiratory problems, and other potentially deadly issues.

At Virginia Biological Dentistry, Dr. Olivia Hart takes a cautious approach when it comes to metals and is dedicated to having a mercury-free dental practice. There are many types of dental implants, dentures, and filling materials available nowadays thanks to modern dental technologies that are just as effective—if not more so—than metal dental materials.

If you need a replacement for one or more missing teeth, you may be wondering which type of dental implants are best, or whether metal-free partial dentures are available. Fortunately, for patients in the Glen Allen area, Dr. Hart provides ceramic metal-free biological dentistry options for all types of dental restorations!

  • Zirconia (ceramic) dental implants are a reliable, sturdy, and biocompatible alternative to titanium implants for patients who are having one or more teeth replaced with implants; they also look better than metal with their natural tooth coloration, and will not cause graying of the gums like titanium implants might
  • Partial dentures are a great, affordable option for patients who are missing multiple teeth; at every step of your denture process, from extractions to fitting to follow-up and repairs if needed, Dr. Hart has your best interest in mind and takes extra care to make sure that your dentures contribute to improving your overall well-being and provide you with a healthy smile

If you have old metal restorations in your mouth, Dr. Hart also offers safe mercury filling removal using stringent guidelines set forth by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. BPA-free, non-metal composite fillings, ceramic crowns, and onlays are also available at Virginia Biological Dentistry.

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If you need a dental restoration and want a non-metal biocompatible option, or if you are interested in having metal in your teeth removed, we encourage you to call Virginia Biological Dentistry at (804) 381-6238 or email us at info@virginiabiologicaldentistry.com to schedule an appointment today!