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Gentle Disclaimers for the Benefit of Our Patients

For our existing patients:

If you are scheduled for cleaning and your X-rays are 2 years old or older, we will need to take new X-rays. Dr. Hart will not be able to do a good-quality exam and diagnostics without updated X-rays.

Existing patients are asked to update their health information by filling out our revised online health form [please skip the dental and insurance part unless the information changed] prior to coming for their scheduled appointment.

For our new patients:

If you are a new patient, in addition to the online registration please also make sure to fill out the online health form prior to coming to the office for your first appointment.

If you are a new patient and your dental records are not available at least one business day before the appointment or supplied dental records are determined to be inadequate, not readable, outdated, or cannot be accepted for other reasons, we reserve the right to do our own diagnostics in the office before Dr. Hart can offer you her best counseling possible. These diagnostics can include though are not limited to: 3D or/and 2D X-rays; photography of the face & teeth; Intraoral HD photos.